The Survivors of Vigil's Keep is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening found during the main quest The Assault on Vigil's Keep. When the Warden-Commander arrives at Vigil's Keep, they discover it is under attack. Not all of the civilians were able to escape, but the Warden-Commander can help them escape.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

There are four survivors that can be found in the interior of Vigil's Keep. They are often found under assault from small groups of darkspawn and can be killed if their assailants are not dealt with in a timely fashion (or with friendly-fire capable spells). On PC it is possible to use Heal to save them (not possible to target NPCs with Heal on ps3ps3xbox360xbox360). They will often be assailed by 2-4 darkspawn of Normal rank, including magic-wielding Emissaries, so Mhairi should draw their attention as soon as possible while Anders and the Warden-Commander eliminate them as quickly as possible.

The survivors are found in the following location:

  1. In the bottom-right courtyard, shortly after finding Anders, under attack from two Hurlocks with a small barricade for protection. The player should come across this one naturally, the rescue of whom will add the quest to the journal.
  2. In a small storage room off the left side of the hall behind the main portcullis. She is not under attack.
  3. The rightmost courtyard beyond the opened portcullis. He is under attack by two Hurlocks, a Genlock, and a Genlock Emissary.
  4. The room adjacent to the courtyard with the third survivor. She is under attack from a Hurlock Alpha and a Hurlock Emissary, both of which are Elite-ranked.

All survivors can be found before coming across Oghren. If you haven't counted four by this point, retrace your steps and find the missing survivors. The quest updates and is marked as complete when the fourth survivor is rescued.

Note: Once you leave the Keep Interior for the Battlements and fight the Withered, you cannot return to the Interior, so make sure you find all of the survivors before leaving.

Result[edit | edit source]

  • The survivors you found are saved.
    • If you found all of the survivors, the quest will end with: "You rescued as many survivors of the attack on Vigil's Keep as you could."
    • If you miss any of the survivors, the quest will end with: "You failed to rescue all of the survivors in Vigl's (sic) Keep."
  • For each survivor saved, you gain 500 XP.
Bug icon.png Bug! pcpcThe quest will mention that you rescued all the survivors even if that wasn't the case.
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