The Spoiled Princess is an inn located at the Lake Calenhad Docks.

Background Edit

The Spoiled Princess sign

The Spoiled Princess sign

According to the innkeeper, the inn is named after his sister, who was their father's "little princess." She moved to Denerim because she wanted to live somewhere "more glamorous," but she was eventually robbed and murdered. Her father passed away in despair, her mother stopped eating, and the innkeeper inherited the inn and kept the name.

Quests Edit

Characters Edit

Map-The Spoiled Princess

Map of the area

  • Innkeeper. He is a merchant who sells some unique things like Wine and Fire Trap Plans. He can also provide information on Brother Genitivi if the Warden is pursuing the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest line.
  • Larana, a widow involved in the quest Notices of Death. After hearing the news she will leave and never return.
  • Felsi, involved in the quest Oghren's Old Flame.
  • Shady Patron
  • Disgruntled Patron

Notable itemsEdit

Plt ico love letter Love Letter, in a locked chest

Containers Edit

  • Chest (Ferelden, Normal) - locked at 30 XP, containing a Love Letter


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