We're neighbors. If you're strong, I'm weak. If I want more land, I have to take yours. This is the Grand Game, child. Play or drown. ―His Dour Lordship

The Spider in the Web is a limited pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from Case: a Tangled Web, and the culmination of the events started with Good Neighbors.

Description Edit

His Dour Lordship looks up from his books when you enter with your guards. He tuts. Of course this is the outcome.

"I will, of course, deny any accusations. I'm an old hand at the Game, and I doubt you've the influence to carry a decision against me. Not Shamed as you are.

Available actions Edit

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Ask him why
You'll hear it from his own mouth.

  • Free Action.

Banish him.
Let him buy your silence. Despite his bluster, a scandal like this would hurt him. Playing the Game is one thing. Getting caught is another.
(Uses 1 action)
+5 Bags of Royals, +6 Dignity, +1 Secret, +1 Trophy, +1 Authority, +10 Prosperity, locks His Dour Lordship, lose His Dour Lordship as Counselor


Imprison him
This is no game
(Uses 1 action)
+3 Secrets, +2 Authority, +(30 to 32) Prosperity, -40 Peril, -40 Rumors of Revolution, locks His Dour Lordship, lose His Dour Lordship as Counselor

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