The Sorrows of Arlathan is a longbow in Dragon Age: Origins. It requires the Witch Hunt DLC.

Acquisition Edit

  • Earn the "Through the Looking Glass" achievement during Witch Hunt to unlock this longbow. This achievement is automatically attained in the process of going through the main quest, so nothing special is needed to be done to unlock the longbow.

Notes Edit

  • During Witch Hunt, a variant of the bow can be found in the Elven Ruins, which – due to a bug in the item file, where the material is given as Ancestral Heartwood, the progression, however, uses the tier 9 metal weapon table – is made of Volcanic Aurum when acquired, which results in a lower armor penetration and a shorter range than a bow from the tier 9 wooden material; its range is even below this weapon: only 44. This has no effect on the Origins- and Awakening-variants.

Gallery Edit

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