The Sorceress' Departure is a limited event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is triggered upon completion of the fifth Market Day action card.

Description Edit

The Scornful Sorceress is leaving. "My work is complete. Thank you, your Grace, for your consideration and your hospitality. I am certain Orlais is grateful.

Servants carry something tall, flat and wrapped in layer upon layer of silk to her carriage. "Is there some way I can thank you for your loyal service to the Empress?" she asks, trying to divert your attention.

Available actions Edit


Ask for information
She must have heard something at court you can use in negotiations with the Divine
+1 Secret


Ask if there's anything she can do about Serault's more unnatural problems
Set a thief to catch a thief. Set a Witch to catch a curse.
Twilight set to 0


Ask what's under the silks
She said she owed you. This is your price.
+1 Secret, +20 Twilight

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