When I left Val Royeaux I swore I would no longer be someone else's Shadow. But I will be yours, and Serault's.

The Silent Hunter is a mysterious huntsman residing in Serault.

Background Edit

The Silent hunter is a reclusive, taciturn hunter who swore to never again be someone's Shadow after leaving Val Royeaux. Several rumors swirl about him, such as that he was once the lover of the Empress Celene, but no one knows the exact truth of his past. He himself almost never speaks, hence his popular name, although he can; if the Marquis of Serault employs him as a bodyguard, he will speak briefly to express his appreciation for the post.

Description Edit

They say he killed a bear with a single arrow to the eye. They say he was the Empress' lover, once, in Val Royeaux. They say he was conceived on a night sacred to the Masked Andraste, and that he was born with strength, speed and cunning, but no voice. What does he say? Nothing at all.

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Event cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 The Hunter's Departure

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Marquis of Serault can recruit him as a possible bodyguard. Upon recruitment:

He thinks about your offer for a long time, staring at his calloused, steady hands. Eventually, he stands, and bows. "When I left Val Royeaux I swore I would no longer be someone else's Shadow. But I will be yours, and Serault's." So he does speak.

Available actions Edit


Send him into the woods to gather information
You don't know who his sources are, or even if they're human. But he finds things no one else can.
Difficulty: Twilight*6/5
Success: +8 Clues
Failure: +2 Clues


Accompany him on a midnight hunt
You hear tell of forgotten spans of the woods. Of twilit riverbanks untrod by mortal feet, and rings of tall blue stones that were not raised by human hands...
-(Woods-wise) in Clues, +3 Woods-wise


Convince him of your prowess
He has eyes the colour of rainwater. They are not easy to impress.
-1 Trophy, +1 Favor


Employ him as your bodyguard
His eyes are sharp. And you can be sure he won't distract you with chatter.
-2 Favor, Hunter becomes Bodyguard with +20 Derring-Do

[requires him to be employed as bodyguard]

Send him to silence and terrorize your enemies
When your Shadow falls upon them, your enemies will tremble.
-1 Favor, +1 Authority, +(9 to 14) clues, +(12 to 27) Dignity, -(12 to 28) Peril, -(17 to 30) Rumors of Revolution

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