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The Shrine of Korth is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, found in the Deep Roads of Vigil's Keep while doing the quest It Comes From Beneath.


After the blocked passage in the basement is cleared, move into the Deep Roads, taking the first right at the fork in the path to get to the shrine. There you will find a darkspawn corpse lying to the left. Loot the corpse to receive the Golden Idol of Korth. Two Steel Golems stand on each side of the path in front of a makeshift camp and an offering table. A book sitting on the right will give you a codex about Korth.

Selecting the offering table can give you up to 4 options as detailed in the results below.


  • Option 1: Take the offering. This will give you 15 Gold and activate the two Steel Golems who will attack you. You get a level-dependent amount of XP for killing each Golem. If you then sell the idol you can make 5 Gold. In this case you also can get a random world map encounter with several Avvar warriors with an Elite Avvar clan leader who will attack you, apparently for violation of their shrine (PC 1.04 confirmed).
  • Option 2: Add Diamond to the offering. The same as option 4. However, due to a bug the Golden Idol will be removed from your inventory (all platforms). You can add the Diamond before picking up the Golden Idol to avoid this problem.
  • Option 3: Add the Corrupted Icon (called "Wraith Idol" in the options) to the offering, which desecrates the shrine. The Steel Golems fall to the ground and you receive nothing.
  • Option 4: Add the Golden Idol of Korth to the offering. This will open a hidden compartment that automatically adds the two-handed battleaxe Frenzy to your inventory, as well as granting you 500 XP. It also removes the Golden Idol of Korth from your inventory.
  • Taking the offering gives you the best result as it nets you the most gold and nearly the same amount of xp (more if you trigger the related random encounter)