The Shaper's Life is an unmarked[1] side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is started by touching the Wall of Memories in the Shaperate of Orzammar. This also generates the first part of Codex entry: The Shaper's Life.

Walkthrough Edit

The Warden must then seek out three rune stones. In order to access all of them the Warden must have advanced the quest line A Paragon of Her Kind sufficiently.

Once all the dwarven runes have been interacted with, the Warden must return to the Shaperate and interact with the Wall of Memories one more time. The codex entry will update one last time stating that the Warden has been blessed as they have "walked the path of the Shaperate".

Rewards Edit

Depending on the Warden's class:

  • Ico greatsword Shaperate's Blessing, for a warrior Warden.
  • Ico mace Shaperate's Blessing, for a rogue Warden.
  • Ico staff Shaperate's Blessing, for a mage Warden.
Bug icon Bug! Due to a coding error, the quest provides no reward.

Notes Edit

  • pcIcon pc users can use this mod to fix this bug.

References Edit

  1. Dragon Age: Origins: Prima Official Game Guide, p. 328
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