The Secrets of Andraste is a War table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition


Complete the operation The Cult of Andraste, and this new operation will appear at the war table.

Note: This operation will no longer be available upon moving to Skyhold.

Operation Text

The runes discovered in the mountain passage during the recent search are of a type never seen before: neither Tevinter nor elven, and perhaps dating back to the time of Andraste herself. There are few who might be able to translate the script, and the benefit of doing so is unknown.


Josephine, Leliana:

Interestingly, the runes are Alamarri in origin, belonging to the tribes that inhabited Ferelden almost a thousand years ago. What is of greater interest, however, is that none of the runes translate intelligibly, meaning it is all in code. According to the translators, a reference to the “Guardian” also indicates “an island off the northern coast.” Most curious. I will continue translation efforts in the hope we can narrow this down further.


Josephine, Leliana: Gold

Cullen: N/A

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