The Scornful Sorceress is the Arcane Advisor to Empress Celene I.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Sorceress arrives in Serault bearing a letter from Empress Celene, stating that she is to be afforded every aid and courtesy and is to be allowed to research at the Glassworks. Her real name is Morrigan.

If Morrigan is permitted to research in Serault...

Morrigan takes up residence in Chateau Serault while she conducts her mysterious research. She occasionally encounters the Marquis of Serault and the two develop a limited rapport.

Morrigan leaves Serault two weeks prior to Divine Justinia V's arrival after completing the repairs on the Eluvian. As she departs she offers the Marquis of Serault her aid in gratitude.

If Morrigan is turned away by the Marquis of Serault...

Morrigan seemingly leaves Serault immediately, but the glassworks become haunted, hinting she works on repairing the Eluvian there regardless. Every attempt to investigate the source of the haunting fails, until one day the Marquis has a chance to send their soldiers in. Should they do it and the action succeeds, soldiers report they saw a figure changing into a spider. They shoot at the spider when it tries to flee, wounding it and finding a staff in the glassworks, which the Marquis claims as a trophy.

Description Edit

The Empress' 'occult advisor' is rarely seen about the château. She spends most of her time conducting her mysterious research at the glassworker's guild, but occasionally your paths cross.

Available actions Edit


Invite her to go riding with you
The Applewoods are charming today: speckled with sunlight and livened with birdsong.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*2
Success: +1 Woods-wise
Failure: +5 Twilight


You find her in the library, idly examining a history of your family
She points at the charred stain where the Shame's name has been seared from your family tree. "Tell me about him."
Difficulty: Scholarship*2
Success: +1 Authority, +1 Rulership
Failure: +5 Twilight


Ask her about her work
Dinner is served in the great hall. She sits alone at the far end of a table, her eyes dark with shadows. She coughs, the hoarse way the glassworkers do after a day at the ovens.
Difficulty: Freedom*6/5
Success: +9 Clues
Failure: +10 Clues, +10 Rumors of Revolution


Ask about her family
She sits in the courtyard, watching the courtiers' children play at Wardens and Darkspawn.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/7
Success: +(7 to 10) Clues
Failure: +10 Twilight, +(6 to 9) Clues


Ask her about magic
You meet her in the corridor late one night, returning to her room after her day's work. Her staff glows with a clear blue flame, picking out every drifting mote of dust.
Difficulty: Derring-Do*2
Success: +(6 to 10) Clues


Ask about the Empress
Her wine glass is empty. Her cheeks are flushed. Will she let something slip?
Difficulty: Cunning*6/5
Success: +(9 to 10) Clues
Failure: +8 Clues, +1 Peril


Ask about her mask
Why doesn't she wear one?
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: +(6 to 8) Clues
Failure: +5 Twilight, +(7 to 8) Clues

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