The Right Armor is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

With the right materials, Haven’s blacksmith can craft some pretty decent armor.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is triggered after you have spoken to Harritt during Haven's Best and Brightest and asked him whether he has any designs. Its purpose is to introduce crafting stations to the player.

Walkthrough Edit

After asking whether he has any designs, Harritt will give you a class-specific armor schematic:

Inquisition-Light-Armor-Schematic-icon1 Apprentice Coat Schematic for mages,
Inquisition-Medium-Armor-Schematic-icon1 Scout Coat Schematic for rogues,
Inquisition-Heavy-Armor-Schematic-icon1 Defender Mail Schematic for warriors

A selection of resources are located in a crate near the armor crafting station, enough to complete whichever class-specific schematic Harritt gives you. The quest is automatically completed once you have used the armor crafting station to create a new piece of equipment.

Rewards Edit

100 XP

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