The Reaper's Cudgel is a mace in Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition Edit

It is automatically acquired by earning the Grim Reaper achievement by defeating the Harvester on Hard or Nightmare difficulty in The Golems of Amgarrak DLC.

Notes Edit

  • This item has a phenomenally high value - it can be sold for 339DAO goldpiece trans 55DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans (or even 679DAO goldpiece trans 10DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans, if a Dwarf Noble is selling it to Gorim in Origins).
  • Increasing the difficulty to Hard or Nightmare immediately before dealing the final blow to the Harvester will not grant you the achievement or the mace: you need to have completed the full course of the battle in either difficulty.

Bugs Edit

  • The mace doesn't retain its spiky look in Origins and looks like a regular mace instead.
  • The mace sometimes has rune slots depending on when the character was made in Origins.
pcIcon pc A possible workaround for the missing rune slot bug is as follows: after completing the Soldier's Peak DLC, sell The Reaper's Cudgel to Mikhael Dryden. Save your game and then reload it until the three-rune version appears. Use the money exploit to buy back the weapon.
pcIcon pcA fix for both the missing rune slots and unique appearance bugs can be found as part of this mod.
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