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[[Category:Lothering Side Quests]]
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[[Category:Origins Quests]]

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By the exit of Lothering, Sten, a qunari Warrior, is imprisoned for killing a family. The Warden can convince him to seek atonement by aiding them in the battle against the darkspawn. The Warden needs to ask the Revered Mother in the Lothering chantry to release him.


Note: As soon you complete any of the main Warden Treaty questlines, or the Urn of Sacred Ashes, you will be unable to return to Lothering so ensure that if you want Sten in your party, you rescue him prior to doing these things. To free Sten, the Warden needs the key to his cage or a Deft Hands skill of 2 points allowing a Rogue Warden to pick the lock on the cage. The Warden can acquire this in a variety of ways:

  • In dialogue with the Revered Mother can be persuaded to release Sten into the Warden's custody. This is easier depending on the amount of money the Warden donates to The Chantry [10 silver (+1 Leliana), 30 silver (+2 Leliana), or 5 sovereigns (+4 Leliana)], if you donate a 30 silver, you need 2 coercion points to persuade the Reverend Mother to give you the key. However, if Leliana is in the active party the Revered Mother will give Leliana the key to Sten's cage even if The Warden does not provide her with the tithe she requests.
  • If the Warden has the Stealing skill they can pickpocket the Revered Mother for the key.
  • If the Warden or other party member (Leliana) has Deft Hands rank 2, they can pick the lock on Sten's cage.
  • The Warden can Intimidate the Revered Mother into providing the key, amusing Morrigan (+4) and shocking Alistair (-13).

Return to Sten's cage and release him. He then joins the party if you ask him.


  • Sten will join you.
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