An exalted visitor! I am so pleased. So very, very pleased. Be seated here in this field-chair. No, no, this one. The other has been occupied by persons of low birth. Will you honor me by taking a little tea?

The Purveyor of Teas is a surface dwarf who can be employed by the Marquis of Serault as an accomplice.

Background Edit

The Purveyor of Teas is an associate of bards, smugglers, and revolutionaries, yet he rejects that he maintains such connections. The dwarf was exiled in the past from Orzammar.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Purveyor of Teas offers to purchase the 'Behemoth' revolutionary text which calls for a violent armed uprising against the upper classes of society from the Marquis of Serault. He can also be hired to examine the illness of the Acerbic Dowager since he is apparently an expert in poisons.

The dwarf also approaches Justinia V at the feast to offer her a gift of a unique tea, called "Fires of Change" as a coded message to the Divine.

Event cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 The Purveyor's Rejection

Market Day cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 'Behemoth'
TLC quest icon 1 The Dowager's Decline

Divine's Feast cards Edit

Chantry Heraldry DA2 Grant a Petition

Available actions Edit


Ask him about current events in Serault
He hears everything. Well, everything illegal.
Difficulty: Rumors of Revolution*2
Success: +8 Clues
Failure: +7 Clues, +10 Rumors of Revolution


Ask him about the Elusive Iconoclast
(Requires Flames of Freedom 1 and Flames of Freedom no more than 4)
It's said he has revolutionary connections.
+8 Clues


Employ his services to remove threats to Serault
(Requires (100-Peril) Clues)
He places a tiny vial of silver liquid before you. "Just say where you would like it to go, your Grace."
-10 Peril


Grant pardons for his associates
"Some of my friends have been unwise in their choice of company," he says. "But must youthful follies blight their fortunes?"
+1 Favor, -5 Authority, +25 Rumors of Revolution, +25 Peril


Recruit him as your accomplice
His singular talents are hard to come by outside of revolutionary cells, adder-nests, and the Empress' picnics.
-2 Favor, Purveyor becomes Accomplice with +20 Cunning


Ask him to intervene with the revolutionaries
(Requires Purveyor as an Accomplice)
Perhaps he can convince them to dampen their fervor for a while.
Spend a Favor from the Purveyor of Teas to reduce Serault's Rumors of Revolution and gain Clues and Cunning.
Difficulty: Freedom*2

Quotes Edit

  • "We shared a nameless tea, you and I. One that was drunk in Tevinter of old. We are bound."

Notes Edit

  • The Purveyor of Teas will gift the Marquis of Serault "A Tiny Pouch of Eye-Watering Lattenfluss Tea" in return for granting him audience with the Divine. As long as drinking one cup per week, it is very unlikely to kill the consumer. Furthermore, according to wild rumours this tea was brewed with lyrium.

Bugs Edit

  • A successful attempt on "Ask him to intervene with the revolutionaries" may bug, setting Clues to 13 regardless of previous value.
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