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*{{TextContainer|Chest}} ([[Treasure#Generic|Generic]], Elite) - locked, contains [[Love Letter]]
*{{TextContainer|Chest}} ([[Treasure#Ferelden|Ferelden]], Normal) - locked
*{{TextContainer|Wooden Crate}} ([[Treasure#Generic|Generic]], Critter)
==Special Objects==
==Special Objects==

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Map-The Pearl

Map of the area

The Pearl is one of Denerim's fancier brothels. People can engage in sexual activity and drinking here, as long as they pay Sanga, the proprietor, the right price.

Involved In

The Warden may want to visit the brothel in order to clear out some unruly mercenaries or learn the duelist specialization from Isabela, a ship captain who is currently visiting the Pearl for a bit of fun. For details on the requirements that must be met to learn the duelist specialization and/or bed Isabela see Isabela's involvement. The Warden may also speak to Casavir who is visiting the brothel with his captain. He can supply the Warden with more information about her.

In addition, The Warden can engage in sexual activity with males and females of many different races for the fee of 40 DAO silverpiece trans (or at the negotiated price of 30 DAO silverpiece trans). One of the options available at the Pearl is "Surprise Me." The result of this decision can include waking up next to a Husky Dwarf, a "Magic Wand" (a 2H maul with the caption "You're not sure if you want to remember what happened last night"), a pair of nugs, in a room with an "Insertion Tool and Extraction Tool" or another room with flowers, a gimp tied to the bed with a whip nearby. Regardless of choice, the Warden will be in the room alone, naked apart from undergarments.


Engaging in any sexual activity with the workers at the Pearl will result in approval changes (only once):

  • Ico DisAppr Heart Alistair disapproves (-1)
  • Ico DisAppr Heart Leliana disapproves (-1), unless she is hardened
  • Ico DisAppr Heart Wynne disapproves (-1)
  • Ico Appr Heart Oghren approves (+1), or +3 if the Warden is female and selects one of the female workers


When in The Marketplace, there is a poster on the wall connected to the Alienage entrance (facing the gate left hand side) calling for all supporters of the Grey Wardens. The Warden can ask Sanga about where the potential meeting is and she gestures to the back room. There will already be a quest marker over it. When The Warden knocks on the door a muffled voice asks for the password, and one of your options is "The gryphons shall ride again". The door is unlocked and you are confronted by three of Arl Howe's men, Paedan, Shevra and two Qunari Mercenaries, who have apparently set it up as a trap for Grey Warden supporters and are moderately surprised to have caught an actual Grey Warden. If your cunning is high enough, there is a Persuade response. Unfortunately, these thugs are quite happy with the way things are working since it has basically made all their illegal activities legal, so the only option is to kill them.

Its a close quarters fight but fairly straightforward. When they are dead, Paedan will have "Paedan's Orders" from the Arl stating how much gold they receive per bounty. If you confront Paedan after dispatching Arl Howe, they apologize for choosing the wrong side and there is no fight.

Note: Killing Paedan is a part of the quest "Trial of Crows"


Sanga image




Special Objects


Codex Entry: Culture of Ferelden
Codex Entry: Dane and the Werewolf
Codex Entry: The Anderfels




Husky Dwarf

One of the random surprises offered at The Pearl

female human prostitute

  • "Fell me like the darkspawn, and make in-roads in the South."
  • "Hey you want to take a look at me ditties?"
  • "No, honey! The collar is not for me."

female elf prostitute

  • "Ma serannas, you are good." (female Warden when choosing to spend the night with the female elf)
  • "Talk of a tree of the people!"
  • "Picked up a few Qunari traits have you? Oh."

female dwarf prostitute

  • "Aha, 'Stone met' indeed"
  • "A dangerous weapon, let me...sheath it".
  • "Ooh, you've been to the Deep Roads before."

male human prostitute

  • "Well, aren't we the hardened adventurer."
  • "Hah, I would have done this for free."

male elf prostitute

  • "Well, they usually make you leave your weapons at the door."

male dwarf prostitute

  • "I keep telling them, no one can resist the dwarf."
  • " way that's natural."

transsexual prostitute

  • "Oh don't pretend to be surprised now".
  • "Like they say, You have to slay the dragon before you can get the princess".
  • "I have a little something for everyone."

Cultural References

  • When attempting to join up with some of the "supporters of the Grey Wardens" one of the passwords you can give to enter the room is 'errrrr......sausage?' A similar answer, "errr... bacon?" was given trying to enter La Resistance in the South Park movie. [citation needed]
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