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The Pearl is one of Denerim's fancier brothels. People can engage in sexual activity and drinking here, as long as they pay Sanga, the proprietor, the right price.


The quest Pearls Before Swine takes place here. There is also an opportunity to learn the Duelist specialization from Isabela, a ship captain who is currently visiting the brothel for a bit of fun. She is willing to play a card game or may bed the Warden if she is seduced.

There is a locked room in the end of the hallway in your left which requires a password in order to let you in. By examining the Grey Warden Poster in the Denerim Market District you can tell the correct phrase. However once you enter the room it is revealed that Paedan, Shaevra, Jarvy and Tennant are working for Rendon Howe and will attack the Warden after a short conversation.



Sanga - the proprietor of The Pearl
Isabela - Captain of the Siren's Call
Casavir - First Mate of the Siren's Call
Hooded Courier - involved in Grease the Wheels
Paedan - involved in The Trial of Crows
Shaevra - involved in The Trial of Crows
Jarvy - involved in The Trial of Crows
Tennant - involved in The Trial of Crows


Pearls Before Swine Pearls Before Swine
Grease the Wheels Grease the Wheels
Solving Problems Solving Problems
The Trial of Crows The Trial of Crows


White Falcon mercenaries (involved in the quest Pearls Before Swine)
Paedan (Human, Elite)
Shaevra (Elf, Elite)
Jarvy (Qunari, Normal)
Tennant (Qunari, Normal)


One of the random surprises offered at the Pearl

The Warden can engage in sexual activity with males and females of different races for the fee of 40Silver or at the negotiated price of 30Silver.

Note: Do not take Sanga up on her offer if you have started the Precious Metals quest and have the Smuggled Lyrium in your inventory. Everything in your inventory is removed during this activity and this is treated as if you sold the Lyrium to someone besides Godwin (even though you immediately get your entire inventory back and can still sell the Lyrium to Godwin). Rogek will act as though you failed to deliver the Lyrium and attack you.

One of the options available at the Pearl is "Surprise Me." The result of this decision can lead to the following humorous scenarios upon waking up:

  • The Warden wakes with their hands tied behind their back and two tools lying on the bed labeled "Insertion Tool" and "Extraction Tool."
  • The Warden wakes with two nugs who, when clicked on, flop to the ground lounging and produce the message, "The nugs avoid eye contact, trying to look busy." The reference in Witch Hunt with the gossiping mages regarding the Warden could be pulled from this random surprise.
  • The Warden wakes up in a room filled with flower pots, scarecrows, a dragon egg, some bottles of unknown fluid, a whip, a trellis or monkey bars, and a ring of practice dummies with a wooden fish statue in the middle. The Warden paces looking paranoid or utterly confused.
  • The Warden wakes up staring a male dwarf dressed in women's clothing who states, "Yes, that was amazing. The world moved for everyone," before crossing his arms. This would seem to be the person that Isabela was referring to in Dragon Age 2, when discussing her sexual experience said that she even tried "a dwarf in drag once" but that she didn't recommend it.
  • The Warden wakes up staring at the floor and wobbling a bit. By the bed is a two handed maul labeled as "Magic Wand" which produces the message, "You're not sure if you want to remember what happened last night."
Note: If the Warden is female and chooses a female, and Oghren is in the party, he will "accidentally" enter the room when the Warden is with the female.

Companions' reaction[]

When Sanga asks what you want, if you ask for men, women, or some of both:

  • If the Warden is male then Ico Appr Heart.png Oghren approves (+2) if the Warden asks for men, or +3 if the Warden asks for women or some of both.
  • If the Warden is female then Ico Appr Heart.png Oghren approves (+3) if the Warden asks for men or some of both, or +4 if the Warden asks for women.

Engaging in any sexual activity with the workers at the Pearl will result in approval changes (only once):

  • Ico DisAppr Heart.png Alistair disapproves (-1), unless he is hardened
  • Ico DisAppr Heart.png Leliana disapproves (-1), unless she is hardened
  • Ico Appr Heart.png Oghren approves (+1), or +3 if the Warden is female and selects one of the female workers.
  • Ico DisAppr Heart.png Morrigan disapproves (-10) if you are in romance with her.
Note: The ps3PS3version doesn't always assign these approval changes. Possibly this is caused by a bug.


Map of the area

Special objects[]

Body Bag Body Bag (for the quest Solving Problems)

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