The Pavus Birthright is a gift for Dorian in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is used in the romance-specific companion quest The Magister's Birthright.

Acquisition Edit

  • Once Dorian's relationship has progressed far enough along with the Inquisitor, Dorian will mention his intentions to retrieve the Pavos family amulet from Ponchard de Lieux. If The Inquisitor is interested he may inquire further about the amulet and its significance to Dorian. However, Dorian will urge the Inquisitor to leave the matter be. After meeting up with Ponchard in Val Royeaux the Inquisitor will have multiple options of retrieving Dorian's family amulet.

Use Edit

  • The Pavus Birthright is used to further progress a romance with Dorian.

Notes Edit

  • As a plot item, the Pavus Birthright does not appear in the player's inventory.
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