The Paragon's Toe is an Act 1 side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The quest begins upon finding a Stone Toe. It is located in a crate at The Blooming Rose, upstairs in the smallest room in north-eastern part of the building. (This is the same room where Jethann is located after speaking to Ghyslain de Carrac for The First Sacrifice.)


The crate containing the Toe is next to a cabinet upstairs at The Blooming Rose.

Walkthrough Edit

Go to Lowtown and search for a dwarf character named New Surfacer. He can be found in the market area near the trinket and weapon vendor's stalls. Talk to him to complete the quest and he will say, "I've long since paid my debt over this, it's grand to see it again".

Rewards Edit

  • 50 DAO silverpiece trans
  • 250 XP

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