The Paragon's Heir is a side quest in the Legacy DLC for Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The quest can only be started when Hawke is in Corypheus's Prison - Tower Base. The quest is both acquired and completed entirely in that level. The quest is started by finding the First Legionnaire's Journal in the Tower Base.

Walkthrough Edit

You must first find the three different Legionnaire's Journals in the Tower Base. They are in the following locations.

The paragons heir-locations

Once you have found all three codex entries, a location marker will appear on your map showing where the body of Tethras Garen is located. This is in a small fortified area just before the main stone bridge across to the central tower holding the seal guardian. Hawke performs the Dwarven Rite for the Dead found in the Third Legionnaire's Journal: "Atrast tunsha. Totarnia amgetol tavash aeduc." after which the quest completes.

Notes Edit

  • If Varric is in the party he will provide additional dialog. When Hawke performs the ritual, he will get emotional and urge the party to leave. This reveals a previously unknown side of his, as he is usually indifferent or even contemptuous towards his subterranean kin.

Rewards Edit

  • Amulet green DA2 Doomward
  • 350 XP(quest completion)
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