Thedas must be cleansed with fire and reborn as a paradise.

The Order of Fiery Promise is an Andrastian cult which believes the world must end in order to create a better society. They have a strange obsession with the Seekers of Truth and, to a lesser extent, the Templar Order and Chantry. They are known to style themselves in raiments and armour belonging to various Chantry organizations.


The members of the group are known as "Promisers". They believe that the Seekers of Truth stole their mandate and place as the true Seekers, and in turn, prevented the Promisers from ending the world to allow it to be reborn as a paradise.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

When Inquisitor Ameridan, the contemporary Commander of the Seekers of Truth, went missing around 1:20 Divine, and his Inquisition was dissolved and split into the Templar Order and the Seekers, the Order claimed to be the real Inquisition and shortly took up its banner, only to be destroyed by the rising Chantry. The Seekers have ostensibly wiped out the Promisers several times after this event, yet they continue to reform and re-appear somehow.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In 9:41 Dragon, after Lord Seeker Lambert's disappearance, Seeker Lucius Corin took over his position as leader of the Seekers of Truth and continued to lead the rebel Seekers and Templars against the rebel mages. Unbeknownst to others, however, Lucius was secretly in league with Corypheus. To prevent the Seekers from interfering with Corypheus' agenda, Lucius lured them one by one to be ambushed by the Promisers.

Cassandra later enlists the Inquisitor to investigate the disappearance of the Seekers of Truth. Using the Inquisition's resources, they find out the missing Seekers' location is the castle of Caer Oswin, which they discover has been occupied by the Order of Fiery Promise.

Cassandra and the Inquisitor encounter Daniel, another Seeker who reveals that the Seekers are resistant to the effects of red lyrium, and therefore cannot be controlled by Corypheus. Because of this, Lord Seeker Lucius led them into an ambush by the cultists, who forced them to consume red lyrium, which made them fatally ill.

Cassandra and the Inquisitor confront Lord Seeker Lucius, where Lucius reveals his reasons for betraying the Seekers. Lucius is killed in the ensuing battle and the Promisers at Caer Oswin are wiped out by the Inquisitor's raiding party.

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