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The Order's Obligations is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Complete the main quest Champions of the Just and ally with the Templars.

Operation text[]

The Order of the Templars has received a request from Perendale to remove a group of mages who have locked themselves in their former Circle Tower. The populace fears what the mages may plan for the city and, given the current disruptions in the Veil, there are real dangers to consider. We do not know the condition of the mages within. For the safety of all involved, we must address the situation before tensions rise further.

If we are to honor the faith the Herald placed on our Order, we must fulfill our sacred duties. I respectfully request that representatives of the Order be given leave to handle the situation.

Knight-Captain Briony

Advisor suggestions[]

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 0:12:00[]

The goodwill garnered through this action could reflect well on the Inquisition—if we let the right people hear of it.

Leliana - 0:15:00[]

Send Inquisition soldiers to assist them. The templars may be our allies, but we must appear in control.

Cullen - 0:15:00[]

We can spare some templars for this. If those in the Order wish to live up to their ideals, let them.



Our templars arrived in Perendale without incident. According to Knight-Captain Briony, the mages were on the defensive, scared out of their wits. Fortunately, the templars were able to calm the situation without taking casualties. The mages had remained in the city following the rebellions, fearing what the populace would do if they left the Circle Tower. The templars have escorted the mages safely from the city and returned with them to the Inquisition.

A take with a happy ending could not have been more timely—and conveniently, certain gossips in Val Royeaux have heard it. After the templars’ display in the market, we needed to improve their reputation in the capital. After all, we shall be judged by the company we keep.



Our soldiers accompanied the templars to the Circle in Perendale. While the mages were initially hostile, the templars were able to subdue them without taking casualties. Upon questioning, they discovered that the mages had remained in the city following the uprisings. Fearful of what the populace would do, they barricaded themselves inside the tower. We have safely escorted them from the city and offered them a place in the Inquisition.

Our soldiers’ presence did not go unnoticed. Word is spreading that the Inquisition has successfully reined in the Templars—a feat the Chantry could not manage.



A report given to Commander Cullen:

We arrived in Perendale to find that the mages had indeed barricaded themselves inside their former Circle. They met us with some hostility on entry, but the mages were small in number and their defense easily dispelled. Upon questioning, we discovered that the mages had remained in Perendale following the uprisings. With increasing hostility from the general public, they retreated to the Circle for safety. They appealed to us for aid. It is the opinion of the Order that these mages are not a threat; we have brought them to the Inquisition so that they might aid our cause.

Had we not interceded, the danger these mages posed to the public—or the public to the mages—could easily have ended in bloodshed.

Knight-Captain Briony


Josephine / Leliana[]

  • 30 Influence


  • 60 Influence