The Odd Ensign is a companion quest in the Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II if Carver Hawke is brought along as a companion.

A Chevalier's pennant has been found. Be on the lookout for others.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is obtained inside of Chateau Haine. There is a pennant hanging on a wall in the Chateau. Taking the pennant will trigger some dialog from Hawke and begin the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

There are a total of three pennants you need to find.

  • Chateau Haine Interior: West on the map in the Chateau. At the top of the stairs, just past the cook's alcove where you pick up the quest Hard to Stomach. This one is red and black.
  • Chateau Haine Interior: The Great Hall Gallery. You know you're in the right place if you overhear a conversation between 2 people in regards to the cheese tasting of Despair. This one is blue and triggers more dialog from Hawke.
  • The Dungeons: The Middle of the map in the northern cell (off of the large southern room where you fight the harlequins). This one is tan and triggers dialog from Carver.

Once the third pennant has been found a treasure cache will be marked on the map. Its location is found in The Retreat.

Rewards Edit

Amulet green DA2 Amulet of the Enthusiast
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