Anyone can spend coin. The art's in making it

The Muttering Banker is an eccentric banker from Serault.

Background Edit

The Banker is the heir to the des Guenoles estate and is the brother of The Elegant Abbess. He is considered a graceless, preoccupied, foodstained financial prodigy.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Banker offers his services to the Marquis of Serault in acquiring supplies to win over Divine Justinia V.

Available actions Edit


Dismiss him
Actually, you don't need him after all.
Prepare for the Divine


Purchase vittles and wine to please the Divine
The Banker's web of mercantile connections can source provisions from across Thedas.
Spend 7 Bags of Royals to buy Viands. You can acquire Viands more cheaply by solving cases or increasing your Prosperity to 100.


Secure secrets to aid negotiations with the Divine
Nothing greases the wheels of diplomacy like a secret someone want hidden.
Spend 7 Bags of Royals to buy Secrets. You can acquire Secrets more cheaply by solving cases or increasing your Freedom to 100.


Procure luxuries to impress the Divine
The chateau has seen better days. The tapestries are threadbare. The silverware is dull. The furnishings are scuffed. It will not do.
Spend 7 Bags of Royals to buy Trophies. You can acquire Trophies more cheaply by going hunting or increasing your Dignity to 100.

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