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[[Category:Korcari Wilds Side Quests]]
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[[Category:Origins Quests]]

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The Missionary is a side quest located in the Korcari Wilds. The Warden leaves Ostagar and ventures to the Korcari Wilds to find blood vials for the Joining ritual. Soon after entering the group is attacked by wolves, near this, a dead body laying in water can be found. If a letter is picked up from the body the quest will begin.


Journal states:

You found a corpse near the entrance to the Korcari Wilds. A letter on the corpse detailed a path through the Wilds that should lead to the place where the deceased is meant to meet his father. Consult the note "A letter to Jogby" for more information.


When looking at the body go left, pass the injured soldier. Some corpses that are hung by a fallen tree should be seen. Go straight ahead (a flooded tower should be on the group's right) until an archway in the water is reached. (look for several arches in a row looks like it use to be a bridge) Go near it and a path made out of roots and stones going through the water should now be on the group's right. The roots are large and mossy. Follow the path, It's on the map looks like an sideways "L" shape. fight the wolves, and open the chest.


Upon completing this quest, the reward is the loot from the chest:

  • Chasind Flatblade (Grey Iron) (Good First 2 Hand for Sten worth keeping)
  • A random item

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