The Midnight Meeting is an Act 2 side quest in Dragon Age II. The quest is only available if Ser Karras died during the act 1 quest Act of Mercy.

Acquisition Edit

After the quest Blackpowder Courtesy is completed, Hawke receives a letter at the Writing Desk in the Hawke Estate requesting a midnight meeting.

Bug icon Bug! pcIcon pc (1.04) The quest may trigger after completing several side and secondary quests, as well as finishing all quests obtained from letters from the Writing Desk.

Walkthrough Edit

Midnight Meeting Templar

The Templar Lieutenant

Once you accept the quest, head over to the Merchants Guild in Hightown at night and confront a Templar Lieutenant who was investigating the death of one Ser Karras

Choosing any option from the dialogue will result in the Templars attacking your party.

Bug icon Bug! pcIcon pc (1.04) If you sent Karras on a false trail you can still select the "They struck first" dialogue option where you say that you killed the Templars in self defense.

The fight is not much different from any other templar encounter; a Commander to regenerate everyone's health while eating damage and a Templar Hunter to one-shot your team. Stun and kill the Templar Lieutenant, then kill the archers, as taking out even the initial two will spawn the Hunter. Frost and spirit elements do the most damage. Kill the Hunter with your strongest attacks, then clean up. If necessary, kill the Invisible Sisters skulking around Hightown beforehand and retreat from the Merchants' Guild commons to get a break in combat between waves. You may or may not get a drop out of combat, but you'll get the templars spaced out enough that the Lieutenant and Hunter won't fight together

Rewards Edit

  • 1DAO goldpiece trans (after the fight)
  • 370 XP (combat) + 750 XP (quest): 1120 XP
  • Random loot
  • Unique Items:
Shield silver DA2 Brink-Boaster
Dagger gold DA2 The Tiny Cut (413 of 1000)
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