The Merchant's Goods is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening granted by the Merchants' Guild Board at the City of Amaranthine. A caravan carrying silks was lost in the Wending Wood and a desperate tailor has promised a reward if they are found.

Walkthrough Edit

There are a total of nine lost Fine Silks that need to be found in the woods. They are found in various containers, chests, and on bandits on the first side of the forest, before the bridge and the first encounter with Velanna. One of the silks is a separate selectable item on the ground, be sure not to miss it.

Merchant's Goods Map

Map of the Silk Locations

Note: If you are having a difficult time locating chests and fallen bandits, pcIcon pc hold the tab button to see their names appear or xbox360Icon xbox360 open the radial (left trigger) and look around. Also, keep in mind some chests may be really close to each other. For example, at the Ruined Caravan if you take the path around the corner from the Wooden Crate (literally right behind the Ruined Caravan), there is another chest with the silks. There are two scavengers with a bundle of silk each. The rest are easy to find.

Result Edit

  • This quest on its own rewards you with 25 DAO goldpiece trans and 500 XP.
Bug icon Bug! If completed with Maferath's Monuments these two quests together earn 38 DAO goldpiece trans, however, only one reward is displayed in the lower left announcements.

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