Amazing, don't you think, what blood magic can do.

The Man of Light is the mysterious character in the Dragon Age (IDW comic). He is never seen.

Involvement Edit

The Man of Light is first mentioned in the first issue of the comic book, as he uses blood magic to control a genlock. He uses the hurlock to sneak into the Circle Tower in order to kill Knight-Commander Greagoir for killing his fellow mages. The hurlock manages to kill several patrolling templars and enter Greagoir's bed chambers, but it is found out and a fight breaks out during which one of the templars drops off a ledge whilst holding the hurlock, and both of them drop to their deaths.

He is later mentioned by Fallstick, leader of an Old Gods cult. Fallstick seems to hold the Man of Light in high regard, and seems to be working for him. He suggests Gleam might do some good in service to the Man of Light as well.

He is also mentioned by the bandit blood mage who killed Gleam's parents. She says that she won't kill Gleam as there is no profit in it, but she will sell her to The Man of Light instead, suggesting he pays for mages brought to him.

Since the comic ends abruptly, there is no conclusion to his story.