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The Mage's Treasure is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins. Completing the quest is required to gather all of the pieces of the Juggernaut armor set.


The quest can be obtained while exploring the eastern part of the Brecilian Forest.



Throughout the Brecilian Forest, the Warden will come across certain tombstones that can each be inspected and then activated by disturbing the wards on them. In each case, a revenant will spawn and attack the group, sometimes aided by minor undead (skeletons, skeleton archers, fanged skeletons and/or skeleton mages). To be able to activate this quest, you will (in most cases) need to start with the Northern Ancient Tombstone in the East Brecilian Forest, otherwise you will not see the "Disturb the wards" option in your dialog.

The Warden will find a piece of an armor set after winning each of these fights and looting the revenant's corpse.

The location of the tombstones:

The ghostly boy

Chestpiece walkthrough[]

As the Warden enters a large room (in the Lower Ruins) with a circular mosaic on the floor, the spirit of a ghostly boy will call out for his mother. The Warden can try to talk to him, but he doesn't seem to hear or understand the Warden, and will flee.

Go south from this room and pick up an old earthen tablet in a sarcophagus and start The Elven Ritual sub-quest.

Eventually, the Warden will arrive at the ritual hall and must perform an ancient elven ritual before gaining access to the Elven Burial Chamber beyond.

The sarcophagus containing the plate armor.

The Warden will then have to fight a group of skeleton archers to reach a 'talking' shade in the middle of this large room, who appears to be the spirit of the ghostly boy's mother. However, the shade will quickly turn against the Warden, summoning a couple of greater shades to aid her. When the fight is over, the Warden can inspect the sarcophagus atop the stairs and retrieve the chestpiece of the armor set (and discover the Codex entry: Uthenera).

Bug icon.png Bug! There is a possibility of the player suddenly finding themselves stuck behind the locked door. The only recourse is to load an earlier save and try again.


Juggernaut armor set Juggernaut armor set