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Help cure a sick hound and earn a friend for life.


Quest states:
"Gather the strange flower from the Wilds"
The kennel master at the king's camp has a mabari, a hound bred for intelligence and combat ability.It has been poisoned by darkspawn blood.You have muzzled the hound, but the kennel master needs a flower that grows in the Wilds to treat him properly.The flower is white with a red center.

To watch the video "Dragon Age: Origins - The Mabari Hound" click on the following link:


  • If you are not a human noble, then when you talk to the Kennel Master (by the kennels area in Ostagar), he will tell you about a sick Mabari and ask you to help muzzle it.
  • Muzzle the hound and the Kennel Master will ask you to look out for a particular flower if you happen to venture into the Korcari Wilds.
  • Once in the Wilds, soon after passing the Dying Soldier, you should see the Wilds Flower growing from a log next to a ruin.
Note: If you are a human noble, then you already have Dog. The Kennel Master in Ostagar will not ask you to find the flower, but on finding it in the Wilds, Daveth will suggest you return it to the Kennel Master for a reward.
  • Return the flower to the kennel master and you're done. Make sure you do this before heading to the Tower of Ishal.


There is no immediate effect, but Dog will find you after the Battle for Ostagar is complete (once you are on your way to Lothering).

Note: This will only happen if you didn't choose the human noble origin. In this case, you will just gain some experience and can bargain for up to 50 silver as payment for the flower.

If you demand payment from the Kennel Master, you receive 50DAO silverpiece trans and 500 EXP. Otherwise you get no reward.

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