Who... who comes now? I can feel you, but you are no darkspawn!

The Lost is an intelligent darkspawn emissary and a Disciple serving the Mother.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The Lost is encountered during Last of the Legion in the lower reaches of Kal'Hirol, where it leads the defense of the Thaig against the invasion force sent by the Architect to kill the broodmothers that reside in the deepest part of the ancient dwarven thaig.

It is fought along with the inferno golem which it controls. When the Warden-Commander shows up, they see the inferno golem tearing in half a Disciple who was the leading the invading force, while The Lost talks about how it will kill everyone including the Warden-Commander. The Warden-Commander must then battle The Lost and the inferno golem. The Lost is killed in the ensuing confrontation.

Promotional Lost

Artwork of the Lost in Heroes of Dragon Age

Abilities Edit

The Lost has some interesting combos with the inferno golem:

Spell-Fireball icon Fireball
Spell-FlameBlast icon Flame Blast
Spell-Grease icon Grease
Spell-Inferno icon Inferno


Drops Edit

Ico belt Battlemage's Cinch
Ico staff Staff of the Lost
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