The Ideal Romance is a romance-specific companion quest for Cassandra in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

When it comes to romance, Cassandra prefers the ideals. Someone who sweeps her off her feet with candles, poetry, and flowers. Track these things down for her.

Acquisition Edit

Once in Skyhold, if you have gained enough approval, flirted at every possible opportunity, and completed her previous companion quests, Cassandra informs you that your advances haven’t gone unnoticed. She however remains conflicted as she wants an ideal storybook romance and feels that this isn't possible with the Inquisitor. If you still insist on courting her this way, the quest will unlock.

Note: You do not need to complete all of her companion quests to acquire "The Ideal Romance". A high approval and the completion of "Guilty Pleasures" can be enough to trigger the quest. It is, however, suggested that you complete the other quests as they give high approval ratings.

Walkthrough Edit

You will need to find three ideal gifts consisting of flowers, candles and a poetry book:

Results Edit

The relationship between Cassandra and the Inquisitor becomes official.

Bugs Edit

  • There is a bug in the quest where the Redcliffe bookseller may not talk to you about the poetry book. While you can still get the book by going to the Forest Camp in the Hinterlands and finding the broken caravan, the journal will not recognize the quest as completed. In some cases, restoring a save and talking to the bookseller last (the candles, and flowers first) will fix the bug entirely.
  • The initial conversation happens to take place in a possibly restricted area of Skyhold, that only gets accessible after completing a main plot quest. If that hasn't been done yet, the Inquisitor will be unable to reenter Skyhold's Main Hall by normal means – through a door. One solution is to use the map and travel; another would be to simply jump over the mural and on the roof, then down into the garden since falling damage is disabled in Skyhold.

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