Marquis, you have graced us. We each rule half a land. But perhaps, through our friendship and understanding, Serault can be made whole again.

The Horned Knight is a mysterious "knight" who comports himself as the Lord of the Forest and de-facto ruler of the forests around Serault.

Background Edit

The Horned Knight rules over a mysterious band of strange, seemingly magic-influenced individuals who style themselves as a forest version of an Orlesian Noble court. The Horned Knight considers himself the Lord of the Forest and counterpart to the Marquis of Serault, whom the knight refers to as "The Lord of the Road and Field". The Horned Knight even possesses his own sigil, the Serault stag, reversed, on a blood-red field, weeping sky-blue tears.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Horned Knight is actually a Spirit from The Fade, conjured and bound in Thedas by the former Marquis, The Shame of Serault. After summoning he was apparently abandoned by the Shame. The Horned Knight conjectures that his creation was an attempt by the Shame to somehow ease his conscience.

Quests Edit

Limited Pinned CardsEdit

TLC quest icon 1 Case: The Errant Siblings
TLC quest icon 1 The Lord of the Wood Comes a-Calling
TLC quest icon 1 The Abbess' Road
TLC quest icon 1 The Missing Bard
TLC quest icon 1 The Horned Knight's Answer
TLC quest icon 1 An Invitation
TLC quest icon 1 The Heartwood Feast
TLC quest icon 1 The Boon

Divine's Feast Cards Edit

Chantry Heraldry DA2 Event: The Horned Knight Approaches

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Horned Knight first encounters the Marquis of Serault when he takes two errant siblings from Serault Town prisoner and enslaves them using a strange magic. After the Marquis' settles the dispute with the Knight, the Knight establishes a more open dialogue with the Marquis.

The Horned Knight later travels to Chateau Serault to demand the right enact justice on a poacher who killed his "deer-son" from the Marquis. The Marquis may also seek the Knight's aid in helping The Elegant Abbess establish a road through the forest to the Abbey of the Bans, in return for becoming indebted to the Knight.

The Horned Knight later abducts The Wayward Bard by force and holds him at his court to compose a verse glorifying his "domain". The Bard mentions that the Horned Knight is apparently obsessed with the Shame of Serault. Once the dispute over the bard is settled, the Horned Knight invites the Marquis of Serault to attend a feast he is holding in the woods, where he may present the Marquis with a collection of journal entries penned by the Shame of Serault himself. Afterwards, the Horned Knight requests that in turn, he be invited to attend the feast the Marquis is holding for Divine Justinia V

At the Divine's feast, The Horned Knight attempts to present the Divine with one of his living garden dryad creatures.

If allowed to present his gift...

The Divine is so appalled by the grotesque nature of the 'gift' that she leaves Serault in a fury.

If the Marquis of Serault inspects the gift...

The Marquis of Serault is able to persuade the Horned Knight that they will present the 'gift' later after the feast. The Horned Knight, suitably mollified, agrees and departs.

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