The Cadash dwarves didn't even know they once had elves living here. Wouldn't this be remarkable enough to record in the Memories? ―Finn

The History of Cad'halash is a side quest in Witch Hunt. It can be started in Cadash Thaig while picking up any entries.

Walkthrough Edit

The locations of all entries are in Cadash Thaig. As you pick them up, you will receive Codex entry: Letters from the Past.

  • Worn Note: In a chest at the second magical vortex, near the first light.
  • Worn Journal: Pile of bones between the fourth and fifth vortexes.
  • Torn Letter: Pile of bones south of the sixth vortex.
  • Scrap of Paper: Hanging on a spike to the left coming off the very last bridge.

Result Edit

You will gain experience points and the "A Time of Wood And Stone" achievement.

Gallery Edit

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