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The Grey Wardens' Cache is a quest that is part of the joining ritual of the Grey Wardens.


After you have returned to him with Alistair, Duncan asks that you recover the Grey Wardens' treaties whilst in the Korcari Wilds collecting the Tainted Blood needed for the Joining ritual.


  • Leave Ostagar and venture into the Korcari Wilds (see location article for details of what else there is to see and do in the Wilds).
  • Fight your way through the darkspawn towards the far right of the map.
  • Once there, Morrigan will find you, inform you the treaties are no longer in the ruins and will lead you to her mother's hut. Her mother informs you that she has the treaties you're seeking as the seal has worn off (you will receive Codex Entry: Morrigan).
  • Once you have the treaties in hand and have also completed the Tainted Blood quest, return to Duncan.
See Exploits for information about an infinite experience bug with this quest in some versions of the game.


  • If you also finished Tainted Blood, you are ready to join the Grey Wardens. See the Tainted Blood quest article for more details.
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