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The Grey Wardens' Cache is a main quest which is given by Duncan to the Grey Warden recruits and Alistair along with Tainted Blood. Only the latter is materially necessary for the upcoming Joining ritual, but the recruits also have an opportunity to retrieve several Ancient Treaties.

Note: Tainted Blood can be completed more quickly than The Grey Wardens' Cache, but the ritual will not commence until both are finished


  • Leave Ostagar and venture into the Korcari Wilds (where several sidequests are available).
  • Fight through the darkspawn to the far right/top of the map. Behind the Hurlock alpha's starting position is the ruin containing the remains of the cache.
  • Examine the cache which triggers a cutscene introducing Morrigan. She will inform you that the treaties are no longer here, then (perhaps after the party takes another look around the area) guide you to her mother's hut. Her mother states that she took the treaties because the Wardens' seal had worn off of the cache. Despite any mistrust from the party, she is quite willing to hand over the scrolls.
  • Morrigan will now guide you back to camp, and night has fallen; now that you have the treaties in hand, return to Duncan.
See Exploits for information about an infinite experience bug with this quest in some versions of the game.


  • Codex entry: Morrigan is added during your conversation at the ruin (if you go directly to the cutscene with her mother, you will not be notified of this until Morrigan has returned you to camp at dusk).
  • If you have also finished Tainted Blood, you are about to officially join the Grey Wardens: the dialogue with Duncan will proceed to the Joining cutscene.


  • 2000 XP - for recovering the Grey Warden treaties, completing this quest, and going through the Joining ritual.