The Gangue Shade is an unmarked[1] side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.

Walkthrough Edit

The Warden or another companion must be equipped with the entire set of Legion of the Dead, including the Helm of the Legion. Then the character must interact with the Legion of the Dead Relic located in the center of the Legion's Mausoleum in the Dead Trenches. It is the same room where the helm is found.

By interacting with the relic, the Gangue shade is summoned which is a Boss-level enemy and the dwarves believe to be the corrupt part of the Stone. The shade must then be defeated in order to complete the quest. This also unlocks the Codex entry: The Gangue Shade.

Rewards Edit

Ico helm med Dead Metal Bucket, from the Gangue shade.
Bug icon Bug! Due to a coding error, the shade instead randomly drops a common item.

Notes Edit

  • pcIcon pc users can use this mod to fix this bug.

References Edit

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