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The Forgotten Boy is a companion quest for Cole in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After the dust settled, Cole was nowhere to be found. It's hard to believe he isn't hanging around somewhere in Skyhold.


This quest is automatically started when the Inquisition relocates to Skyhold, unless Champions of the Just was completed and the Inquisitor chose not to recruit Cole at the end of the quest.


This quest is somewhat unique as it is simply one cutscene with the Inquisitor, Solas, Cassandra and Vivienne (if she has already been recruited). Who, or what, Cole is and how to deal with him is at the heart of the discussion. In the end, the Inquisitor will decide whether to recruit Cole or not.

Descend the long set of stairs beneath Skyhold's main door and interact to Look for Cole...

Possible approval changes are as follows:

Solas: If you prefer, although the truth is somewhat more complex.

  • He helped us.
DAIApproval.png Solas Slightly Approves
DAIApproval.png Vivienne Slightly Disapproves
  • How complex?
(No approval change)
  • If he's a demon, he's gone.
DAIApproval.png Solas Disapproves
DAIApproval.png Vivienne Approves

Solas: Cole is unique, Inquisitor. More than that, he wishes to help. I suggest you allow him to do so.

Q Explain more of possession / What of demons at the Breach? (repeat w/o option)
DAIApproval.png Solas Slightly Approves
  • I'll talk with him.
(No approval change)
  • I'll get rid of him.
DAIApproval.png Solas Slightly Disapproves
DAIApproval.png Vivienne Approves

Cole: I learned how to be more like what I am. It made me different, but stronger. I can feel more. I can help.

  • Stay and help us. (Cole will join the Inquisition.)
DAIApproval.png Solas Approves
DAIApproval.png Vivienne Disapproves
  • Leave. Now. (Cole will leave the Inquisition forever.)
DAIApproval.png Solas Greatly Disapproves
DAIApproval.png Vivienne Approves

Cole: Every moment will be agony. He wants mercy. Help.

  • End his pain.
(no approval change)
  • Give him a chance.
DAIApproval.png Cole Greatly Approves
Note: Cole's Approval may differ; see the talk page for more information.


  • None


  • Cole is either recruited permanently or told to leave forever.
  • Codex entry: Cole Codex entry: Cole is updated:
    • If he is recruited, the entry will now contain a letter about him from Cassandra to the Inquisitor.
    • If he leaves, all previous text is removed and the codex entry will simply state, "The Inquisition knows of no one by this name."


  • If Vivienne was not recruited, she won't be present for the quest, but it otherwise plays normally.