Companions is a song sung by Maryden Halewell.


Listen to the bard in the tavern in the Winter Palace, during the events of Trespasser.


By the side of the Divine
Cassandra seeks the truth and finds
Her whirling blade cuts so sublime
Royal hearts Nevarran minds

Varric charms with clever words
Vender of exotic goods
Writer of salacious books
A rogue, a dwarf with ragged looks

Solas, mysterious elven mage
Mastered magic by his own hand
Not a Dalish or a city elf
Sceptic born into lovely land

Dorian rebelled against countrymen
A mage from the Tevinter Imperium
Charming and suave and just slightly suspect
These are the early days we defend

And then the later ones came to the Fade
Like Sera who stayed to tempt their fate
But we all know she was but a rogue
The taverns still sing her name

Blackwall, a secretive Grey Warden
Proud of his life and his isolation
Bruising and strong, protector of all
Recruiting the brave to join the cause

Iron Bull's loyal indulgent one
A past brilliant agent of those who run
The Bull's Chargers now stay in his sight
But he still finds the time to roar through the night

Vivienne, Madame De Fer
Respect of the mages throughout the world
Ruthless to fight by Inquisitor's side
Defying expectations only to rise

Then there's of course our revered ever more
Like Commander Cullen who lead his men through the Inquisition
A Templar, a knight stayed with the fight stout and bright

Or Sister Nightingale, spymistress veiled
In beauty and bow
Orlesian bard, both tender and hard
Brave and bold

Josephine, noble with bright acumen
With grace and charm in hand
Ambassador to the wealthy and shrewd
And dear through the land

The Inquisitor surely stands
Because of these souls we sang

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