The First Sacrifice is a secondary quest in Dragon Age II.


Help poster

The Help Wanted Poster

In Hightown you will notice a Help Poster on the wall asking for help in finding a missing wife.

Talk with Ghyslain de Carrac (the husband who is looking for his wife) and listen to his story.

If you accept the quest to find his wife (Ninette) you will gain Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+5). If you decline it to be followed later you gain Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+5). Choosing the second humorous response after investigating the option "Don't you want her back" will get Friendship small Varric: friendship (+5). The quest will not disappear if you refuse to help; Ghyslain will redirect you to The Blooming Rose and Jethann will be there to restart it. Speak with Jethann in The Blooming Rose, then go to Emeric in Darktown and save him from an assault he tells you that he was investigating multiple women's disappearances and suspects foul play. He also mentions Mharen, an older mage who disappeared, if you investigate his words during the conversation. If you ask if you can help you will recieve Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+5). If you instead say it sounds suspicious you will get the quest but will not gain Rivalry.

Next it will ask you to go to the Darktown foundry and investigate where Mharen's trail ends.

After entering the Dark Foundry through a door in Lowtown in the foundry area, You will see a cut scene where a mage is looking over a rail and then runs off. You will be attacked upon moving into the room by a Desire Demon and multiple shades and abominations. The room off to the right of the center door has a chest and 2 more shades to dispatch. Through the center door is 4 more shades. The door to the left has some bones which have Ninette's ring.


Ghyslain de Carrac

Next you need to go to the Gallows to show Emeric the remains. He is standing right at the front of the area. When speaking with Emeric he will take the bones and say this should be proof for the guards and if Aveline is in the party she will say the guards will assist with this. If you choose the aggressive dialogue option with Fenris in your party, he will suggest bringing the bones to the guard. You will receive 3 DAO goldpiece trans and 250 Experience for completing the quest.

Go to Hightown and speak with Ghyslain and tell him the ring is all you could find of his wife. He will ask where you found it and if you tell him you found Ninette's ring on her severed hand he will say keep the ring saying he would rather not have anything to link him to her death since her family is angry and give you 1 DAO goldpiece trans though there is no ring in your inventory. If you instead tell him it doesn't matter he will say he will send the ring to her family and you still receive 1 DAO goldpiece trans.


  • 3DAO goldpiece trans from Emeric
  • 1DAO goldpiece trans from Ghyslain de Carrac


  • Hawke can talk to Jethann again after the first conversation, here you're given an option to sleep with him (regardless of whether Hawke is male or female), however if Aveline/Carver/Bethany is in your party, they will ask Hawke to do this another time. Ignoring their objection and doing it anyway will result in Rivalry small (+5) from the person who objected.
  • After completing the quest, if you haven't taken the option to sleep with him, Hawke will have a third option to inform Jethann of Ninette's death.
  • This quest is a preview of the quest Prime Suspect. Other than some dialogue changes, doing or skipping this quest doesn't affect the story.
  • Bug: Emeric will appear in The Blooming Rose (Night) after rescuing him with a quest marker over him, but cannot be interacted with after visiting the factory.
  • Bringing Isabela, Merrill, and Varric to talk to Jethann results in an adorable paired comment.
  • It says you can visit Emeric in Darktown at either Day or Night, but when you exit darktown after saving him, it will always be night time.
  • When approaching Ghyslain for the first time to acquire the quest, Ghyslain will sometimes say, "Does no one see this exclamation mark above my head?", breaking the fourth wall.
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