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The Fall is a mosaic collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Mosaic Pieces icon.png

Pieces of an old Tevinter mosaic are scattered across the Hinterlands. If recovered, they could be reassembled.


Triggers when any mosaic piece from this collection is found.


The mosaic pieces are found across the Hinterlands in the following locations; the pieces are numbered to match the reference image:

  1. Atop the south-westernmost tower of the Grand Forest Villa; see side quest The Mercenary Fortress.
  2. Valammar, inside a locked room located in the Halls of the Elders (head across the bridge after encountering two Carta members scuffling with a Darkspawn).
  3. Inside Valammar's Vault.
  4. Resting against the outer wall of Blackwall's home near Lake Luthias, located just southwest of the Upper Lake Inquisition Camp.
  5. Found atop the Winterwatch Tower, to the left of the elven artifact.
  6. Found inside the destroyed house with a locked door, located southeast of Fort Connor.
  7. Inside Fort Connor.
  8. Found inside the first locked house on the right when entering Redcliffe Farms from the Redcliffe Farms Inquisition Camp (this farm features the billboard that initiates the side quest Where the Druffalo Roam).
  9. Found in the veilfire dungeon (next to an urn), located north of Redcliffe Farms in Dead Ram Grove.
  10. An additional piece is located near the veilfire Frost Rune Schematic, which can be found a bit further in the dungeon past piece #9.
  11. Found atop the northern tower of the ruined Redcliffe Road checkpoint, located northeast of the Crossroads. The area is in the same location where one of the books for Favors the First Enchanter can be found (in the opposite tower).
  12. Found in a small alcove at the back of Wolf Hollow. The cave is located in northernmost area of the World map; this is the same location that Elaina will send the Herald to deal with the farm's wolf problem.

Reference Image[]

Mosaic Piece Numbering


Collecting each mosaic piece yields:

  • 50 XP

Recovering all 12 pieces yields:

  • Influence 200


  • The completed mosaic can be viewed at Skyhold's south side interior wall on the second floor, near Vivienne's balcony.

Codex entry[]


  • Prior to patch 6, piece #10 in the dungeon northwest of the Redcliffe Farm Inquisition Camp and piece #12 in Wolf Hollow were inaccessible.

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