The Exiled Prince is downloadable content for Dragon Age II, included in the signature edition or available separately from the Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network, and BioWare's site for the PC.[1] It can be played at any time after reaching Kirkwall in the main campaign.

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Adventure alongside Sebastian Vael, an archer of noble birth, as he seeks revenge for the brutal murder of his family. Aid him in his quest and direct his righteous wrath on your enemies. Sebastian is a full companion character, complete with his own series of side missions.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

The Chanter's Board

Main article: Duty (Dragon Age II)

The first time Hawke approaches the Kirkwall chantry in Act 1, a scene will play where Grand Cleric Elthina is seen arguing with a man furious over the murder of his family. Checking the chanter's board starts the quest Duty. Once dispatching the mercenaries, the poster of the bounty reveals himself to be Sebastian Vael, prince of Starkhaven. He thanks Hawke and pays the bounty.


Main article: Repentance

In Act 2, Sebastian will become a permanent companion, and will ask Hawke to confront the family responsible for his parents' murder. After dispatching Lady Harimann, Sebastian will return to the chantry and ponder whether he should remain a Chantry initiate or march on Starkhaven to claim his throne.


Main article: Faith (quest)
In Act 3, Sebastian will request that Hawke accompanies him to liaise with an agent of the Divine. The agent will inform the pair that the tensions between mages and templars in Kirkwall disturbs the Divine, who has contemplated an Exalted March. She will ask Sebastian and Hawke to convince Elthina to flee Kirkwall, though the Grand Cleric refuses.

Items Edit

Act 1 or 2 Edit

Medium armor green DA2 Flint Company Cuirass
Amulet green DA2 Meghan Vael's Locket

Act 2 Edit

Longbow red DA2 Temperance
Longbow green DA2 Starkhaven Longbow
Longsword green DA2 Fade's Fury
Staff green DA2 Allure's Crook
Belt green DA2 Twilight Belt

Act 3 Edit

Light helmet green DA2 The Resolutionist's Cap
Heavy gloves green DA2 Ser Maura's Gauntlets
Shield green DA2 Mage's Friend
Dagger green DA2 The Low Blade
Amulet green DA2 Jewel of the Ether

Codex entries Edit

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Achievements Edit

If none of these achievements are unlocking, BioWare suggests you delete and redownload the DLC.[2]

Name Requirement Gamerscore Trophy Image
Avenged Confront the culprit behind the Vael family's murder 25 Bronze Avenged
Cloak and Dagger (secret) Meet secretly with the agent of the Divine 25 Bronze Cloak and Dagger
Loyalty of the Prince Earn either a friendship or rivalry with Sebastian (must be at 100%) 30 Bronze Loyalty of the Prince
Memento Give Sebastian a family heirloom 25 Bronze Memento
Retribution Dealt with the mercenaries that killed the Vael family 25 Bronze Retribution


  • The DLC was originally intended to focus around Sebastian and Nathaniel Howe, but the concept was changed due to the possibility of Nathaniel's execution.[3]

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes when you go to the Chantry board to pick up the quest Duty, nothing is available with which to interact. This happens if the DLC is installed after clearing the jobs during Act 2. His Act 3 companion quest will still be available.
  • It appears that the 1.04 patch make the event conversations harder to load, the screen fades and Loading appears on the bottom right of the screen. It can eventually make the end of the quests Repentance and Faith enter in a loading loop. A workaround is available (see individual pages).

References Edit

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