The Exile is the final quest in the Dwarf Noble Origin.

Walkthrough Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Dwarf Noble is held in a prison in which Gorim will come and inform the Dwarf Noble that the Orzammar Assembly decided to have him banished to the surface while the Dwarf Noble has been exiled into Deep Roads. Before he gives his final farewell, he informs the Dwarf Noble of a possible escape; Duncan and his Grey Wardens are in the outskirts of Orzammar searching for darkspawn activity. If the Dwarf Noble survives long enough to track, he may help the Dwarf Noble to get out. There is no other choice for survival.

Then he leaves and the cutscenes ends. A female Dwarf Noble can confirm the romantic relationship between her and Gorim by exchanging words or kisses before the latter's leave. Then the Dwarf Noble is taken to the gates of Orzammar where Lord Pyral Harrowmont announces the Assembly's decision while remarking that it was not a fair trial. Harrowmont will then ask the Dwarf Noble if he/she really did kill Prince Trian only if they didn't remain silent in the first dialogue option. If Trian was not killed by the Dwarf Noble, telling Harrowmont that "I didn't kill Trian" will result in him providing a Fine Dwarven Blade, rather than a regular sword. If the Dwarf Noble did kill Trian, then they pass a persuasion check when saying "I'm innocent" (requires one point in Coercion) or claiming that Trian attacked them first which does not require any Coercion. Any other dialogue option will not provide the longsword.

The Dwarf Noble will then be sent to the Deep Roads Outskirts initially without armor or weapons wearing only some Tattered Prison Clothes, unless playing a game patched to 1.02, or on the ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360, or having some DLC. Having stealth before heading into this mission will make it easier.

Deep Roads Outskirts - map

Map of the area

Looting corpses and containers while going deeper into the area will significantly help the Dwarf Noble survive the challenges. Be sure not to miss the very useful Superior Dwarven Guard Armor looted from a skeleton in one of the dead end side-tunnels. In the last crossroad, you may turn west and reach one of the dead ends. There, you will encounter a Deepstalker leader and three deepstalkers. The fight can be quite difficult, so try to take the Deep Stalkers on one by one: kill the Leader, then back down the passage so you are not being attacked from all sides at once. Then loot the two dwarven corpses before going east this time and after passing some tunnels, re-emerge onto the Deep Road, and find Duncan. A Grey Warden will be surprised seeing a dwarf so far from Orzammar while Duncan will commend the Dwarf Noble's skills for surving that long and after a brief conversation, the Dwarf Noble Origin will conclude, and the future Warden is taken to Ostagar.

Result Edit

Duncan takes the Dwarf Noble with him to Ostagar in order to recruit him/her as a Grey Warden.

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