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[[Category:Origins locations]]
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The Elven Tombs sits atop the Werewolf Lair. It is located in the eastern section of the Brecilian Forest, after unlocking the Brecilian Ruins. Inside there are two levels; 'Ruins Upper Level' and 'Lower Ruins' and there are two exits that will take you to the Werewolf Lair. One is initially locked and the other is accessed by going through the ruins and defeating an Arcane Horror.

Involved In

Ico Quest Nature of the Beast

Lower Ruins

Ico Quest The Mage's Treasure
Ico Quest The Elven Ritual
Ico Quest Unbound
Ico Quest The Black Vials


Ruins Upper Level

Lower Ruins

  • Ghostly Boy: Appears twice, both times shouting for, Mamae. Regardless of the dialogue choices you make, he will flee. The second time, he leaves behind between 4 and 12 skeletons.

Notable Items

Ico gloves light Ashen Gloves
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Unbound

Special Objects

Ruins Upper Level

Lower Ruins


Ruins Upper Level

Lower Ruins



  • As the Dragon Hoard can contain lot of gold, wearing the Dwarven Merchant's Belt may be beneficial.
  • There are hidden doors in the first area which only become apparent when standing close to them: these conceal some minor loot, enemies and a plot item for one of the Bartender's quests. From a distance, these doors appear to be bricked-up arches.

Dungeon Exits

Ico Cave Werewolf Lair (After speaking to The Lady of the Forest)
Note: It appears that the Lair of the Werewolves exit is usable even if you do not defeat the Arcane Horror. You can rush directly into the exit point and use it.

Map Exits

Ico Forest Brecilian Forest
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