We will be shepherds, and Serault our lamb. We shall see her to sunlit pastures. We shall stone the wolves who threaten her.

The Elegant Abbess is the leader of the Abbey of the Bans, an unorthodox Chantry in Serault. She is quite charismatic. Although a comely Chanter always walks at her left hand, and a watchful shield-maiden in a green hauberk at her right, no-one looks at them. Everyone looks at the Abbess.

Background Edit

The Abbess is a member of the des Guenoles family and is the sister of The Muttering Banker. She forsook the life of nobility to join the chantry.

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A comely Chanter always walks at her left hand, and a watchful shield-maiden in a green hauberk at her right. But no-one looks at them. Everyone looks at the Abbess. She rules the secluded Abbey of the Bans, where unorthodox Serault traditions coalesce with Andrastian worship. The Grand Cathedral would not approve, but it is very far away.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

She can be called upon to provide counsel to the player and can become a Lover after she becomes a counsellor to the Marquis of Serault.

Upon becoming counsellor:

She seems surprised at the offer, and there is sadness in her smile. "I will miss my beautiful abbey, and the sweet chanting of my novices. But of course I will serve. We will be shepherds, and Serault our lamb. We shall see her to sunlit pastures. We shall stone the wolves who threaten her."

Upon requesting wines from the Abbey:

The Abbess has several choice barrels delivered to your cellars. A southern wine, black as pitch. A rich red to accompany venison. And a yellow wine of her own vintage, regarding which she is charmingly modest. The topic warms her, and she shares several rumors that have found their way to her lately."

Upon becoming your lover:

You share a goblet of wine atop the Foal's Tower. Serault is spread beneath you - the sharp-roofed town at your feet, the patchwork fields beyond, in the distance the long shadow of the forest. Your conversation turns from business to more personal matters, then falters. More goes unsaid than said. You don't remember what impulse moved you forward, but she came eagerly into your arms. Her lips found yours. The night was warm, the stars bright, and the chantry's bell was ringing.

Seeking solace from your lover:

She tends to your wounds with baths, herbs and unguents. She tends to your spirit with tenderness, humor and passion. You spend a few days secluded in her company. She leaves you with a wistful kiss and several books from her personal library. Most are works of long-dead poets, but the last is the private journal of an empress of Tevinter, minutely detailing not only her rule but also her extraordinarily licentious affairs.

If the Abbess finds Carver Hawke...

The Abbess discovers a wounded man outside the abbey. After ascertaining his identity, she brings him before the Marquis of Serault and states that he purports to be Carver Hawke, brother to Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall.

Later the Abbess requests the Marquis of Serault's aid in establishing a road through the forest connecting the Abbey of the Bans to Claose.

The Elegant Abbess is also secretly the leader of the cult of Masked Andraste.

If the rites of Masked Andraste were attended...

The Mysteries

On the third night you don your antlered mask and ride into the woods. The disciples of the Masked Andraste await you, clad in chantry habits and black masks of charred wood. Their idol is an ancient wooden statue hung in the boughs of a slumping oak. Perhaps the face beneath its mask is that of Andraste. Perhaps it is best not to look too closely. Their leader approaches you. She is masked like the others, but you recognise the calm smile and the gentle fingers that press to your lips. 'There are no names here.' the Elegant Abbess whispers. 'No faces. Only old ways, and a bargain kept.' The moon is dark, the firelight coy. You witness the rites in flickering glimpses. The stag, trussed to a pole. The arrowhead, bronze and bright. The priestess' mouth, red in the night. When the ceremony is done, the leaves of the forest sigh like a lover and are still. The disciples bow to you and depart. In the days that follow Serault becomes a cornucopia of woodland bounty. Sweet fruit, nuts and rich game flow to your hall.

Quests Edit

Event cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 The Abbess' Anger
TLC quest icon 1 The Abbess' Departure

Market Day cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 Blown in on the Wind

Limited Pinned cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 The Abbess' Road
TLC quest icon 1 Case: the Elusive Iconoclast

Available actions Edit


Ask the Abbess about events in Serault
Sin and salvation: the great secrets.
+5 Clues


Ask the Elegant Abbess about the Elusive Iconoclast
(Requires Flames of Freedom)
There is a religious dimension to the Iconoclast's revolution.
+8 Clues


Tell her of the strangeness that troubles Serault
The unfelt wind that stirs the leaves. Tales of maleficarum. The secrets that hide in the heart of the wood.
-(100-Twilight) in Clues, -10 Twilight


Grant Land to the Abbey
The Abbey, with its white walls and rose-gardens, is always first in her heart.
-20 Prosperity, -4 Bags of Royals, +1 Favor


Invite her to become your counselor
She brings with her the Chantry's wisdom. And, importantly, its authority.
-2 Favor, Abbess becomes Counselor with +20 Scholarship


Request wines from the Abbey
(Requires Abbess as Counselor)
The Abbess keeps a small vineyard, and trades its product for other, more exotic, wines from across Orlais.
+1 Viand


Confess your affection for the Elegant Abbess
(Requires Abbess as Counselor)
You've been spending much time in each other's company, lately. There is a new fondness in her eyes.
Difficulty: Dignity*6/5, (uses 3 actions)
Success: -2 Authority, Abbess becomes Lover with +20 Scholarship
Failure: -1 Authority


Seek solace with the Abbess
(Requires Abbess as Lover)
There are many demands upon her, but she always has time for you.
-1 Favor, +50 Health, +1 Scholarship, +(9 to 12) Clues

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