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File:Map-Drifters' Cache.jpg

The Drifter's Cache is a sidequest in Dragon Age: Origins triggered and completed within Caridin's Cross in the Deep Roads beneath Orzammar.


  1. The quest begins when you examine any of the four piles of rubble scattered across Caridin's Cross.
  2. Find all four piles
    • At the T-crossroad (turned into a fort by a number of Darkspawn);
    • Near the western exit;
    • In the large cavern with the Deep Stalkers (the easternmost point on the map, behind a column wall on the south side of the room);
    • On the west side of the map, on the south part of a large cavern.
  3. After finding your fourth pile, a crate appears (and will be marked as a point of interest on your map). Open the container to complete the quest.


Ico gloves massive Effort's Gloves, part of the Effort Armor Set
Ico dagger Thorn of the Dead Gods
Ico ring Ring of the Warrior


Bug icon Bug! Some players report being unable to complete the quest after leaving the area. Others have reported no problem.
  • To make it easier to find the rubble piles, walk while highlighting objects; the default keys are: [Tab] (PC), [L2] (PS3), & [D-Pad] (XBox).
  • You can navigate more quickly using the Swarm form of the Shapeshifter.

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Ico armor massive Effort armor set
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