The Drifter's Cache is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.

Walkthrough Edit

The quest is triggered and completed within Caridin's Cross in the Deep Roads.

The Drifter's Cache - map

The four piles and the crate marked with X

The quest begins when the Warden examines all of the four piles of rubble scattered across Caridin's Cross. Each one of them will also update the Codex entry: The Crosscut Drifters.

  • Find all four piles:
  1. In a large cave across the bridge to the north-west, near all the genlocks and the ogre.
    • This codex update starts as: "Rogan cut"
  2. Near the western exit of Caridin's Cross.
    • This codex update starts as: "We can no longer tolerate"
  3. At the T-crossroad in the very middle of the map which has now turned into a fort by a number of darkspawn.
    • This codex update starts as: "We found trouble"
  4. In the large cavern with the deepstalkers, where you also fight a deepstalker matriarch. The cave is the easternmost point on the map, and the rubble is behind a column wall on the south side of the room.
    • This codex update starts as: "Fools and renegades"
  • After finding your fourth pile, a crate appears (and will be marked as a point of interest on your map) in a small tunnel behind the cavern of an ogre alpha. Open the container to complete the quest. Note that it will not appear in the map if you have not visited the location before, unless you have Plot Assistance set to Show all plots helpers in area under Gameplay options.

Rewards Edit

Ico gloves massive Effort's Gloves, part of the Effort armor set
Ico dagger Thorn of the Dead Gods
Ico ring Ring of the Warrior
  • Random leveled armor and weapons.

Notes Edit

  • To make it easier to find the rubble piles, walk while highlighting objects; the default keys are [Tab] on the pcIcon pc, [L2] on the ps3Icon ps3, and the [D-Pad] on the xbox360Icon xbox360.
  • You can navigate more quickly using the Swarm form of the Shapeshifter, or by using the Haste spell, or by using a Swift Salve.
  • If you are a Warrior, have the Warden's Keep DLC and made use of the mage's research, you can use Blood Thirst to make your character move quicker.

Bugs Edit

  • Some players report being unable to complete the quest after leaving the area.
  • The cache may not be marked on your map after finding the notes, but it will still be there behind the Ogre Alpha, in the X marked spot in the map.
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