The Dowager Steps Forward is a basic action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Not all associated actions are available every draw.

Description Edit

The Acerbic Dowager waits to address your court. She wears a wide-eyed owl-mask, its feathers wrought from bright silver. She does not fidget. She does not yawn. Though she is no longer young, her back is as straight as ever, and her voice as sharp.

Available actions Edit


"They've taken jewellery from my armoire! They were in my chambers!" You'd better investigate.
-2 Prosperity


"I have been asked to broach a matter with you..."
"Some of the young gentlemen and ladies of the court hope that you will hold a ball. Apparently a new dance is all the rage in Val Royeaux: the poisson, or something."
-2 Dignity
The Latest Fad


"Allow me to introduce an emissary from a dear friend..."
The herald bows until his voluminous sleeves brush the mosaic floor.
-2 Dignity
The Boastful Neighbor


She is grey with grief, and wears a mourning-mask
"An old friend has passed away. I have been asked to oversee the execution of their will, but I find the matter impossibly distressing. I hope you will discharge the duty on my behalf."
-2 Prosperity
The Bequeathment

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