The Descent is the main quest in the The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Earthquakes in the Deep Roads are threatening to collapse lyrium mines and cut off supply of the essential mineral to the surface.


Complete Disaster in the Deep Roads by traveling to the Storm Coast Fissure.



Storm Coast Fissure

After speaking with Lead Scout Harding, take the elevator down into the Fissure proper, where the Inquisitor will be greeted by Shaper Valta, whom can be questioned about the situation. After this Valta will join the party as a Temporary Companion. Head north through the fissure, claiming the Landmark on the left along the way. At the entrance to the Deep Roads, the quest A Warm Welcome will activate as an Ogre alpha charges the party. See that quest guide for details.

After the Ogre Alpha has been dealt with, loot the remains and head into the Deep Roads then take a right to find the Legion of the Dead regiment. Renn and the Legionnaires will assist the party in this battle. The Inquisitor must defend the seal for the tunnel from the horde of encroaching Darkspawn until the seal gauge is filled. The first wave of Darkspawn consist of 4 Genlocks which will attack at melee range, a Hurlock which uses sword and shield and two Hurlock archers. Throughout this battle area of effect attacks, particularly Mark of the Rift can be useful to regain control of the field if the darkspawn are about to overrun the defenders. Darkspawn will continue to spawn from a side tunnel on the left and the main tunnel seal entrance. Bringing a mage or two with Barrier will be a great help here both for keeping the party alive but also the legionnaires which help even the number of combatants and divide the darkspawn's attention. Pull of the Abyss can also be useful here for helping keep the darkspawn in a vulernable position.

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Once the seal gauge gets to about 40%, additional Hurlocks and Hurloch archers will approach from the back right of the tunnel. At about 50-60% a Hurlock alpha will approach from the main seal entrance. Make the Hurlock Alpha a priority target and focus your attacks on it until it falls, as it will otherwise swiftly knock down most of the party. A second Hurlock Alpha will follow not long after. Once they are slain, this should bring the seal gauge to 100%. Activate both of the Lyrium charges by the door to seal the tunnel. After this withdraw to the main chamber and take cover, picking up any loot the darkspawn dropped on the way out as this sub-tunnel will be blocked off by the explosion afterwards. Establish the camp using the marker in the north east section of the chamber to advance.

After speaking with Renn and Valta, Renn will join as a temporary companion. Various crafting facilities are now available at this camp as well as the Expedition table. Once everything has been taken from the area, head through the north-west door to the elevator to continue the quest.

Darkspawn Warrens

Ruins of Heidrun Thaig

Forgotten Caverns

Bastion of the Pure

The Wellspring


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