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=== [[Storm Coast Fissure]] ===
=== [[Storm Coast Fissure]] ===
=== [[Darkspawn Warrens ===
=== [[Darkspawn Warrens]] ===
=== [[Ruins of Heidrun Thaig]] ===
=== [[Ruins of Heidrun Thaig]] ===

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The Descent is the main quest in the The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Earthquakes in the Deep Roads are threatening to collapse lyrium mines and cut off supply of the essential mineral to the surface.


Complete Disaster in the Deep Roads by traveling to the Storm Coast Fissure.



Storm Coast Fissure

Darkspawn Warrens

Ruins of Heidrun Thaig

Forgotten Caverns

Bastion of the Pure

The Wellspring


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