The Dashing Outlaw's Departure is an event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It generates only if the Marquis of Serault replaces the Dashing Outlaw with a new Accomplice.

Description Edit

"So," the Dashing Outlaw says, when you meet on the Green Bridge. "Now I've done your dirty work you want to wash your hands of me."

Available actions Edit

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"Tell her to get out of your sight"
"And to keep your past arrangement a secret."
Dashing Outlaw is no longer Accomplice, +? Authority, +? Dignity, +? Peril


"Soothe her ruffled pride"
"Who knows? You might have a use for her in the future."
Difficulty: Cunning*?
Success: Dashing Outlaw is no longer Accomplice
Failure: +? Peril

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